WATCH – Hillary Caught On Video Doing THIS in NY. People Are Asking SERIOUS Questions.

Spotting Hillary Clinton in the last 65 days has not been an easy thing. Some have said it is harder than hunting for Bigfoot.

But, the Democrat who lost on November 8 resurfaced this week at Milo’s in Midtown Manhattan. After dinner with Bill Clinton, Ted Danson and his wife, Mary Steenburgen, the former presidential candidate appeared to be intoxicated as she made her way to her waiting transportation.

In fact, it even appears that former President Bill Clinton was also hammered. They must have had some serious alcohol inside Milo’s that night.

As Hillary makes her way through the revolving door, her speaking volume is higher than normal, which often consistent with a person who is drunk. Her walking pace is slow and she even appears to stumble as she heads for the car.

Bill seems even more aloof, twice asking Ted Danson if they needed a ride. Clearly, his mind is slowed and he is repeating himself. The Dansons are in much better condition than the Clintons and seem to be trying to help them safely get to their vehicle.

Throughout the last year there have been countless accounts of Hillary’s drinking. Many have wondered if she is an alcoholic, especially after Secret Service officers leaked that she was drinking vodka in the morning hours on the campaign trail.

Conversely, President-Elect Donald Trump doesn’t drink alcohol. Not a drop. Neither does former Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. George W. Bush? The same.

And then there is the outgoing president, Democrat Barack Obama, who has been accused of partying too hard (including questions about marijuana usage in the White House). His own words (from his book The Audacity of Hope) tell us that he has had a hankering in the past, for certain.

So, there seems to be an interesting pattern here. On one hand, we have leadership that is sober, disciplined and always in control. On the other, powerful figures who check out of reality on a regular basis, submitting to outside stimulants.

So, if the law prohibits one from drinking and driving, are we okay with someone drinking and leading our country? Do we not need that person to be alert 24 hours a day during their four year term? Is that asking too much?

America narrowly escaped putting another volatile, substance-using person in the Oval Office at a time when we need to seriously reconstruct our nation. We the People are thrilled that President-Elect Trump is a sober-minded man. Literally.

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