Many people are aware of the truth of Hillary Clinton despite what the mainstream media and liberals want us to believe. It cannot just be a coincidence that so many people who have been involved with the Clintons have “suddenly” committed suicide or been randomly attacked and killed, with their killers unidentified. This TV star thinks so too.

Roseanne Barr has more than enough reason to believe Hillary will do whatever it takes to get rid of people who speak against her. After all, because of her statements about Bill Clinton, Barr’s show was cancelled. Barr has also stated on Twitter the claim that Hillary, if elected, will be the first ever serial killer president.

If Jack the Ripper was alive, liberals would probably elect him if they could! In fact, he and Hillary are remarkably similar in their desires to kill “tramps” and prostitutes as well as their ability to never get caught.

Hillary’s death toll is exponentially high, yet no one even bats an eyelash. It has risen to at least 118 people, all of them with somehow inexplicable deaths, which is the biggest joke the government plays on us if it thinks we don’t know it could figure it out.

With all of our technology and forensic science, it’s hard not to figure out a cause of death nowadays… even with staged suicides. TV shows today mimic our crime solving abilities, yet real life investigators are unable to determine any of these 118 deaths as anything but suicides.

One of them, Gareth Williams, was found dead in his bathtub while locked inside of a gym bag. His fingerprints were neither on the bathtub nor the lock itself. If that tells you one thing, it tells you that it was murder. But how was this death ruled? A suicide.

How exactly does a person go about putting themselves into a gym bag in a tub and locking themselves in there, with no prints, to die? At that point, you should just save yourself the trouble and jump off the building or put some heavy rocks in your pockets and walk into a lake.

If you use the tub often as well as the lock, there are bound to be some of your fingerprints on them—even partials. These are things you touch almost daily and there are no fingerprints? Seems a little unlikely.

The Clintons definitely have no moral standards against killing people who are too close to the truth, and it may be why Hillary is coming up short lately with the WikiLeaks scandal. She doesn’t know who these people are who are hacking her staff’s emails, thus she can’t kill them. Her solution? Blame Russia.


Anytime anyone has come too close, whether a government official or just the everyday joe, they have faced Hillary’s wrath. And 118 people have been thus far extinguished in her race for power.

Hillary will use any means necessary to control the American people. Anyone she can’t control does not get to live. We cannot elect someone who is way beyond the range of sanity, someone who can add murderer to her long list of sins against the U.S.

She cannot be allowed to sit in the White House because then no one will be able to stop her. If you think it’s bad now, you haven’t seen anything yet.

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