EXPOSED – Stripper Comes Forward, Admits What Cory Booker Did

Liberals may want to rethink pushing Cory Booker out as the new face of the Democrat Party after what just happened…

Cory Booker just might be following in Anthony Weiner’s “sexting” footsteps. Lysnie Lee, a stripper from Portland, claims she and Booker exchanged sexy private messages via Twitter.

Earlier this week, a story about the stripper and Cory Booker being online pen pals went viral. Lynsie Lee’s second round of 15 minutes of fame began shortly thereafter.

“I just had this Inside Edition female say, ‘Are you on something? You seem so happy,’ ” Lee, 26, told the Los Angeles Times in 2013, “They’ve been waking me up since 3 a.m.”

In a promo for the piece, the reporter apparently said the story is, “Not safe for work unless you work at Newark City Hall.”

The private Twitter message between Cory Booker and the stripper reportedly began after the Democrat posted some silly comments about wanting to become the president of the state’s Star Trek club while bantering with his followers.

Lee, who dances at a vegan strip club in Oregon, responded to Booker’s tweets. “If you’re ever POTUS, I call dibs on First Lady.” Lee also said, “And the East Coast loves you, and by the East Coast, I mean me.”

Cory Booker was then shown responding to the stripper privately. To his message, Lee responded, “Well now I’m blushing :)”. Exactly what Booker said to make a stripper blush, we are still not sure. About one day later, Booker answered back, “It’s only fair.”

“It’s not a sex scandal!” Lee told the media. “I just happen to be sexy, and that’s the scandal. I’m the vulgar one! He’s completely innocent.” This emerging scandal about the New Jersey senator’s background could end his 2020 presidential bid before it officially begins.

Despite Lee’s plea that the senator has done nothing wrong, not many find chatting with strippers on the internet and making them blush to be admirable qualities for a president to have.

Cory Booker’s camp is busy downplaying why the liberal politician was chatting up a stripper privately on the internet.

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